Freelancer’s Guide: Beginner’s Check List

So you’ve decide to go into freelancing and by Now your next question to yourself must be, how do I start or what do I do now?

Well first decided  if you want to be a full-time freelancer or you would like to be a part-time freelancer.

If you’re just starting out with a bit of hesitation, then I’d suggest that you start part time or if you’re tired of your 9-5 day job and want to jump head first in then do it.

Now that that’s settled we can get started on this checklist

Whether your part-time or full-time freelancer you’ll have understood or do the following:

1.Find out which category of work you’d like to freelance in.

  • Should you pick something you have been doing for years?
  • Or should you just find things you’d be good at and go from there?
  • Or you’re unsure and just willing to venture out and find what fits?

The answer to this question is all three. You can decide to continue in your profession or do something simple or try something new. The point is to find something you’re comfortable freelancing and working hours on.

Side Note: Money is important but after a while not as important when you start to get tired and annoyed at your job, then it would be no different from the office job you have to.

2. What you need to get started to start

If you have good Wi-Fi and a laptop or a tablet with a keyboard to type, That’s it.

3. Find a Freelancing website

Now that you have an idea or know what you’d like to do online as a freelancer it’s time to find a site and get a feel of it. I mainly use Upwork (formally known as Elance) because that was the most recommended site and I’ve used it for over a year now and had great results. My Freelancer Guide 101: Upwork Account Set Up E book is mainly centered around using Upwork. (it’s free and you can get it the link below ) **not affiliated with Upwork in anyway

This is not to say that there aren’t other good freelancing sites, but Upwork has a great free account you can use. If you would like to use Upwork you can click on the link below:

You can also view these other sites I found that encourage Jamaican freelancing, you can check them out, and maybe you might like these more than Upwork whose to know:

Jamaica Freelancers  



Always saving the most important point for last


4. Decide the hours of the day you would like to dedicate.

Now being able to set your hours, you do have the chance to work at your own pace and that sounds great right, it’s like you hardly have to work. All you need to do is sign up and wait for them to come to you.

Sadly this is not the case; most people think that a great paying free job will just drop into your lap out of nowhere the first time you try. Well, let me tell you something…it happens, it can happen to you, but the odds are the same as buying a lottery ticket or winning sweepstakes. Yes, it can happen, but it’s not assured that it will happen to you.

You’re gonna need to put 1-2 hours a day of your time to get your first job, in my Freelancer Guide 101: Upwork Job Finding E-book, I’ll show you how to get your first job with step by step instruction guaranteed to work. Contact us for the E-book Here

If you’ve made it to the end of this, it means that you’re more than ready to start.

Need support or have questions Contact me or Join Vital Vines Facebook Group

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