Freelancer’s Guide: Is Freelancing really for you?

Freelancing is the act of working on a project by project basis with a company that you are not permanently employed to or working as an independent contractor.

If you’re looking to branch out from you’re 9-5 or just in need of more income by freelancing then this is the article for you to read before you start it all. Freelancing can be a great way to gain exprience and gain new clients with your specifal skills

Before you go any further, I just wanted you all to know that if you prefer a full-time job office rather than freelancing part time or full time, nothing is wrong with that. If we all became freelancers the world would be in peril, trust me. So to those working class people in the offline 9-5, I salute you.

Here I’ll debunk each of those responses. So sit back take your pick on which response you relate best to.

1. Reason: I don’t think that’s for me

When people think about Freelancing, they think about those weird ads and get rich schemes people do just to get a click for less than two cents. If not that they think about something that’s complex and hard. Well, guess what it’s not.

Freelancing can be as simple getting paid to write blog content or handling emails for someone. Jobs can be as long as 8 hours or as short as 2 hours a day of work. It’s just like having a job were everything done online. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your working on a secured site so that payment is assured, which is one of the reason’s I talk so much about Upwork. Secure platform and payment methods


2. Reason: Sure, would love to…

Now, someone you might be thinking, what’s wrong with that, that’s a good thing to say. Well, stop right there, it’s both good and both bad. Why you ask, are you still sitting down cause I’m gonna spell it out for you?

That phrase is said by so many people who want to do freelancing but only done by so little people. First, you get happy and start reading Freelancer Beginner’s Check List or How to make $500USD or more a month (Part-time or Full-time) but then what happens after that is entirely all up to you. You have to want to do it. You have to try to find clients; you have to bid for jobs.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it and say that it’s easy to work all the time, nope nope nope, sometimes you got to put in more than an hour or two. This phrase right here is a yes or no to your new freelancing life. Which brings me to number 3.

3. Reason: I tried it and it never really worked out

Most people who said the phrase “Sure would love to” after a couple of day or weeks, not months, become the ones who say “I tried it and it never worked out.” The people who say this have not put enough time or patience into getting jobs as a freelancer.

But Vic, I’ve been looking for jobs for like a month now. Have you just been copying pasting proposals for each job, have you taken the time to build your profile or skills set. Be honest if you looked at your freelance profile right now would you hire you, if the answer is yes then why haven’t you been hired, if it’s no, then at least your honest.

If there are other reason freelancing may not have worked for you, or you’re a new freelancer. You want things to work out for you to read the next article: The Good the bad and the ugly with Freelancing to know what to face in the life of a freelancer ( part-time or long-term).

If you have other phrases, excuses or reason not to freelance tell me about them and help me de-bunk these bastards.

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