Freelancer’s Guide: How to Handle Difficult Clients (Part 1)

When meeting new clients for prospective jobs, you may meet a difficult client that can be hard to handle. Here are a few ways to be as professional as possible:


Show that you care

Sometimes Clients feel reserved because of experience with bad freelancers; they may acting this way because they are afraid or concerned that you won’t take things seriously or you’ll have one day just up and leave without a trace after first pay. You have to show your client that you take your role seriously and that you care about what your working on or the role(s) you’re given. This can soften them up or make it much easier to work with them. It can also build a strong business relationship that can boast your freelancing profession. Some TLC goes a long way.

Vital Vines Freelancer Guide

They Keep Adding Things to the List

They keep adding small things to your list, soon that three task that were stated in the job description have now turned into twenty. Then they ask for more hours than initially agreed upon. So add those two up, and you have longer hours and much more stuff than you signed up for, but this wasn’t what you signed up for.

If you can handle the workload then by all means continue but if it’s too much for you, tell your boss you’re only able to do X amount of task or only agreed upon X type of task to do.

vital vines time

Crazy timelines or Deadlines

I remember working for this guy that wanted me to finish a two-day job in just 12 hours. The money was reasonable, but he was so adamant that he wanted (not needed) this project to be done by then. I had to ask him if he wanted quantity over quality to get him thinking of my reasons why. He later decided to pick someone cheaper than me and promised to do it in his 12-hour time frame. Needless to say, that same client came back to ask me to complete the unfinished project that was done poorly.

Sometimes you have to put your foot down and give reason to no being able to fulfill crazy deadlines. Ask them the same question I asked my previous client “Do you want quantity over quality? “

Tune in for next week Tuesday with Freelancer’s Guide: How to Handle Difficult Clients (Part 2 )

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