Why you need a Social Media Style Guide

If you’re a social media manager like me and you’re working with a company, especially with a fashion brand or company that relies heavy on images of their product or services then a Style Guide is something that you should have in place.

style guide vital vines

I once had a friend who was managing a company’s social media and when he asked what they wanted. They replied,” Just make it pretty.”

Now that’s pretty vague if you ask me, and it’s much more common than you think, some companies just don’t know what they want. The Style Guide is one document that’s there to help them figure all that out.

Here at Vital Vines, we always give Clients a guideline to providing simple Style Guide to fill out for us. We want to ensure that your represented by us just to way you like professionally and properly.

Style Guide is a document of guidelines, best practices, and clues to the brand’s identity.

Here is a list of things you’ll need from your client, (as they should provide these details, and it also gives them a better grasp on what they want):

Company’s Logo: this must contain different sizes (small, large) and file version (pdf, jpg) of the logo for your use.

Visual Identity: Colors, Color pallets to be used, all associated with the brand.

Language Styles: The way you should engage or communicate your brand with your audience. This includes tone and attitude (technical the type of voice your audience will hear when they read your post).

Fronts: This includes what type of fronts should be associated with your brand. This is to ensure visual consistency.

Images/Iconography: This is a collection of the type of graphics or images you will be using with your brand. They may not be the images that you use time and time again but as an example/ guideline for future images. A Pinterest board always helps.

Source: Fashion Start-Up

Looking for a Social Media & Brand Manager that’s the right fit for your company contact us and we’ll provide you with free consultation service on your first meeting.

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