Freelancer’s Guide: How to Handle Difficult Clients (Part 2)

In part one we spoke about ways you could deal with demanding clients, now were here to finish the last of it. If you haven’t read Part 1 then Here it is.

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More Money for Illegal or Unethical activities

We’re all here to make money, but you have to know when to say no. I once got a job offer from someone that wanted me to create fake accounts so that he could have traffic for his bots, that meant I would have to create the accounts with my emails or work emails and at times connect my own phone number to the accounts, use my personal social media accounts for business as well. Now I wasn’t comfortable with this, this was too personal for my comfort, even though he offered me a high rate of pay. Looking in the future this job wouldn’t be something I would enjoy because I wasn’t comfortable with it. So I turned it down.

If something is going to take too much of your personal space, question your ethic’s, then it’s not worth the money in the end. Think smart, think fast.


Speak Up…Professionally

So maybe your job is just as described, the deadlines are reasonable, and you’re doing legal, honest work but your boss, good Lord, your boss is a complete ass. He has no respect for you, your time or your efforts.

I remember working for this guy who was mean and inconsiderate to everyone on his freelance team, nothing they did was good enough and they were a top notch team. I remember one day he called me “Warm body in a chair, good for nothing, ” well, needless to say, the Jamaican in me was at a boiling point. But, I took a professional stand and sent him an email of how I felt and that his words and actions affected the team in a negative way. Nothing changed he stayed the same, so I left. In other cases, I spoke up (professionally) and it helped the client make a change.

It’s been to let it be known than to say nothing and let everyone think you’re alright. Remember when you work online sometimes all you have are words and emoji. No one can tell emotions or the feelings or face we make at times, so use them. Use them wisely.

I hope this was helpful for you. Enjoyed writing this. Need support or have questions Contact me or Join Vital Vines Facebook Group


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