Why you need a Company Standard Guide

If you didn’t get the chance to read my previous Social Media Style Guide then you should also take a look as it’s also a key component when doing social media freelancing.

This Company Standard Guide is one of the first things that you should create for your company, or if you’re a freelancer you’ll need this information when marketing for them. It’s a document that you should keep on hand so that you can keep the professionalism of the client’s pages or contact with the audience.


It’s to be used on most of the social media pages or to update the information on social media pages, remember Consistency is Key.

We at Vital Vines Media give our clients a document with a simple guide on how to create their guide and hand us a copy to keep on fill to use when needed.

To create a Company Standard Guide is SUPER easy, you will need the following information from your client:

Company’s Logo: this must contain different sizes (small, large) and file version (pdf, jpg) of the logo for your use.

Contact information: This includes email address(s), phone numbers and fax number (if any)

Company Slogan (if any): No matter how simple, discuss with the company when and which social media platform they would like to use it on.

Social Media Account Credentials: As a social media manager you will from time to time lead your audience from one social media page to another. This can also be helpful when using buttons on a website or email campaign, so you don’t have to search for them.

If you have anything additional that they would like to have or any company standards that they would like to apply to their social media adding it to the Company Standard Guide is a plus.

Remember we’re representing you on the social media front lines. So let’s get it right from the start.

Looking for a Social Media & Brand Manager that’s the right fit for your company contact us and we’ll provide you with free consultation service on your first meeting.

Fellow Freelancer Need support or have questions email me or Join Vital Vines Media Facebook Group.

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