Freelancer’s Guide: The Good,the Bad and the Ugly


You’re no Clint Eastwood but sometime freelancing can be just like that. It can be a Wild Wild West, relaying on your instincts.

vital vines good bag ugly

The freedom of working online can be great but sometimes being a freelancer Murphy ’s Law tends to rear its ugly head in your face and throw you a curve ball. Here are few things that can happen.

The Good:

When freelancing you can work your reputation up until you can pick and refuse jobs. You can decide which hours and days you want to get work. It helps provide a side hustle or a full-time job where you can make times for other things that are important to you.

The Bad

Sometimes you can meet up with some bad Clients who are too demanding for their good. They can leave a bad taste in your mouth. They can ask for low pay and long hours, or want you to be online for hours at a time on call whenever they think you should work. Man, that can be a real pain.

Another thing that can get under the skin while freelancing is that sometimes clients want you to work with team members. Sometimes this can be good things; you can have a community of people around you that help make work fun, other times you might experience the typical office politics. It can sometimes rub you the wrong way and have you looking over your shoulder…or computer…or team chat session. You get the point.

Being a freelancer, you will have to be a bit social but you’re not there to make friends you’re there to work, point blank. Friends are just a plus.

The Ugly

When it comes to Payment sometimes, it can get ugly especially when a client wants to pay you outside of the freelancing website you signed up on, or they say that the job description is X but all of a sudden its Y. They may pay you late or not at all. Money is important. It’s not everything but being broke and working doesn’t put a smile on anyone’s face.

Or they may want to pay you less for more work. I can’t tell how many times I’ve turned down jobs that wanted me to build empires and pay me peanuts (figuratively speaking of course).

Do you have any experiences that I didn’t cover, let us know.  Need support or have questions Contact me or Join Vital Vines Media Facebook Group

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