3 Reasons Why Followers Don’t Always Equal Customers

So if you’re like me, you’re building your followers by posting and creating content tailored towards your target market to grow followers, gain customers and out doing your competition. Things are starting to use social media strategy to grow, increase engagement and increase likes, which are now second nature to everything you create.

But what if I told you that followers don’t necessarily equal customers in digital marketing. When you think about it those two should be the same thing. But in truth, they aren’t. Customers are a sub-group to your followers. They can overlap but they are still two different teams that play on the same field.

You can look at the image below so we’re on the same page with that explanation:

Followers are not customers.

Here are reasons why they differ and how to help bring your followers over to your customer’s side:

Followers are your Audience

This one is a bit of a no-brainer but, now here’s where some clarification needs to be in place. Your audience can be your customer base, however, it doesn’t mean that they won’t buy from you, but it also doesn’t mean that they will. Your audience is far game to turn in customers but doesn’t assume that every follower is someone who is automatically a customer. An Audience can range from a potential customer, a fan who loves/respects your work to last of all someone who is in your industry ( who may not be a competitor) who wants to surround themselves with content and experts within the industry.

Target Audience Vital Vines

Followers can be Competitors

That’s right if you think that your followers are the just regular day people who are interested in your content then you’ve got another thing coming. Your competition can also be apart of your followers, I’m sure that you wouldn’t mind them turning over to be your customers, but it just states the fact that not all followers are customers. Your competition or your competition’s employees can follow your social media pages and spy on you. I suggest you do the same especially if they are a major competitor in the industry.Follower competition audience business

This next one is important…


Twilight Zone Followers

These Followers are like sub-groups to fans/audience but maybe occasional visitors to your store. When I say the twilight zone, I’m not going off on a limb and saying that things are as dismal as they seem but you will always have a set of followers that might never turn into full blown customers, no matter how great your content, packages, and specials are.

Followers twilight audience grow followers

They may never subscribe or buy from you. But they are in the twilight zone of your content or brand. This doesn’t mean they don’t contribute to spreading and building your brand. They evolve to be your fulfilled audience and fan base that love keep up to date with your content, post or events.



They may even tell other people about it and bring over another follower on the customer team. But these followers can sometimes make up 5%-30% of your following. It’s really just how you choose to view and engage them that makes the difference with your brand’s growth.

followers arent customers


Now all of these, (maybe competitors) are potential or promised customers, but they aren’t customers until they, well..buy your product/service. Until then they are within the following groups and can be a sub-group of anyone. This is to say that you can have over 100,000 followers but only 500 are customers or you may have 500 followers and 450 are customers. Followers don’t equal customers, it equals the potential for the customer.

Here’s a bonus to leave with; 

One Reason why Most Companys only have Followers and little to no Customers:

This is the top reason that followers don’t equal customers. It may be a bit ironic but your followers may never be customers because you don’t give them a way to come over to the” customer side”.

Grow followers customers vital vines

For example: if you sell makeup products and post images of your items or products and you’ve collected a high following. It’s up to you to direct those followers to your site, sign up for your email listing, suggest what items they would like to purchase.

If you think that they’ll find the link in your bio or reach out, then yes, only a few, but some followers need a push, a map and a nudge towards the shopping cart. It’s up to you to create the steps for that experience.

There you have it. If you would like to have a free 15-minute consultation set your appointment here.

Until next time, Social Media is Vital; so Let’s make it work for you.

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