Company’s Guide to Social Media: Finding The Best Social Network For Your Business

If you’re a business owner or a part of a company and you’ve decided that investing time in social media is the way to go in this world that is moving toward digital marketing, your next move would be to decide which platforms you should choose so that you can get the most of the experience.

The first mistake most people make is that they think that they should be on every and any social media platform that’s out there. This is a misconception that most company’s or individuals have which is why they might not bother to join social media at all.

The truth is all you need to do is first know your brand and research your audience to get a keen understanding of where they might be. This will give you the stepping stones to choosing the platforms that you need, rather than selecting all the platforms you want.

But one thing is essential is that every company should have a Facebook page. Why, if you don’t have a company website this can be the next best thing to use. It’s in a sense your yellow pages or internet directory for people to find your products and services for their needs or wants.


Who can Use it: Everyone

Facebook hosts the largest number of users compared to all other sites. Everyone is on Facebook so your business can never suffer by posting and engaging with users on this platform.


Who can use it: Everyone but mainly Brand Building 

Twitter is a hub for information and updates. Twitter allows anyone to interact with organizations,  brands or their followers on a personal level. Your business benefits from sharing content on Twitter is due to the intimacy of it all. Your followers/clients get to interact with you with a simple tweet, and you get firsthand knowledge of how satisfied your clients are with your services.


Who can use it: Businesses and Recruiters

LinkedIn allows businesses to make connections with their potential clients and or employees. You can grow your business by building your network on LinkedIn by ensuring you have an attractive business profile.


Who can use it: Brands or Business that relay or want visual imagery.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, there are a lot of business oriented features that your business can benefit. Instagram is first and foremost a photo and video sharing site and would be ideal for businesses who thrive off the visual presentation.


Who can use it: Brands Targeting Female Audience

Statistics have shown that a significant amount of Pinterest users are women. Your company will be looking to gain a lot from posting to this network if you provide services such as fashion, food, home décor and other services that target females. They are more likely to buy products from images that they pin.


Who can use it: Brands with large following on other Network, Bloggers

If your business has a large following on other networks, it is good to link them to your Google+ account. A far more formal network than the others, this Google created site’s most attractive feature is its canny keyword and SEO abilities. Things such as your interactions with clients on your other networks and website/s will appear on your Google+ wall.


Who can use it: Brands or Business that want to use video’s

YouTube is one of the first places customers go to get product reviews or tutorials. If you’re a company that manufactures stuff like gadgets or other products you can post short videos to YouTube explaining how customers can get the best results from your product.

There are more social media platforms like Medium, Flickr, and FlipBook but it was best to cover the most used social media channels.

If after reading this you’re still not sure where to start, you can simply create a facebook, twitter and Instagram page. These are the “Big Three” in the social media industry. It’s a perfect mixture of informational and visual representation that you want to bring across to your clients, viewers or followers.

If you would like a free 15minute consultation on which Social Media platforms to use or how to move forward after you can schedule one here.

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