Social Media marketing, a field of its own: Top 3 Reasons Bloggers need a Social Media Manager

Being a blogger is rewarding, it’s a form of expression that speaks for itself, or rather reads for itself. We have long moved on from the simplicity of just logging on to our Facebook Page, or Twitter account to just randomly post our thoughts to our friends and family. Blogging is a profession like no other. No matter what category or industry you fall in, keeping a blog updated is a task, especially when you value quality over quantity

If you have a Blog you should know that Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and yes, sometimes twitter is a great place to release your well-written post to the wide if not targeted audience to read. But with creating a new post, organizing new projects and running all your social media platforms it can be time-consuming, and time is limited.


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Here are the Top 3 Reasons any Blogger would need a Social Media Manager:

Social Media is Vital

Social Media has rapidly become one of the driving forces in marketing one’s business over recent times. As a blogger, you may think it unnecessary to have someone other than yourself manage your social media accounts. However, according to Digital Diplomacy, social media management is a holistic prospect of growing and engaging your audience.

Audience Growth and Maintenance

Growing your social media audience equates to growing the number of visitors to your blog. The more popular you are on social media the higher your ranking may be on search engines such as Google. For such growth to take place, there must be adequate amount of planning and time invested in executing your social media marketing strategies. This requires a lot of work that is better suited for a professional. This may seem a bit over the top so to speak, but it makes plenty sense to focus on what you do best, blogging and let the social media expert work their magic.

Skills and Strategy

A good social media manager has valuable skills and knowledge that will ensure your social media accounts are working for you. As a blogger, the number one goal you may have is to get as many visitors to your website as possible. Through strategic social media branding and with the right Social Media Manager, you can achieve this. You can breathe easy knowing that you are not troubled with the weight of maintaining multiple social media accounts all by yourself.

Return on Investment

Hiring someone to manage your social media accounts will in fact come across as costly, but is it? As stated before effective branding will increase ranking and traffic to your site, the bigger your audience the bigger your returns. With the right personnel or team if you feel adventurous you can reap great rewards from your social media accounts.

You can then focus on what you love to do best, creating projects and blogging till your heart’s content.

Social Media marketing has proven itself to be a blessing to many if utilized effectively. By hiring a social media manager, you are allowing the expert to make social media work effectively for you.

Here at Vital Vines, we don’t see you as another company or give you a generic service. We take the time out to know your brand and the values it stands for, we provide services and strategies tailored to your company. To schedule, a free 15-minute consultation contacts us today, Click here. 

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