How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 4 Steps

Whether it’s keeping up with digital marketing trends, starting new in the digital marketing or growing your social media followers; you’re going to need a social media strategy.

Some call it a Social Media Marketing plan while others call it a Social Media Strategy. Whatever you would like to call it’s an essential part of your brand or business success in growth, sales and building a community around your products and services.

With a solid social media strategy, you can build these 4 key elements of a Strong Social Media Strategy for your brand.

The 4 elements of a Strong Social Media Strategy

Your Social Media Strategy is your guide in the digital jungle. So in this article, I’ll show you how to create your own detailed and tailored social media strategy along with a FREE Social media strategy Template at the end of it.


1. Complete a Social Media Audit

You can go right ahead and create a social media strategy for your business, however, it still won’t ensure that you gain the maximum success that you can if you would take the time to first understand where you went wrong in the first place so that you don’t repeat the mistake again.

Social media Strategy Marketing plan

If you’re new to social media to ensure that you start off on the right foot.

Doing a social media audit ensures that you take a good look at your “social media inventory” such as:

 The Current State of Affairs 

Social Media Strategy Marketing plan

You need to take an honest look at you social media profiles, when I mean honestly I mean very honest. Is it complete,  is your brand’s name and visual identity consistent across the board, are the graphics and images appealing?

If not you need to make a complete 180-degree change right now. It takes 2-5 seconds for a customer to look on a social media profile and feel the need to know about this brand or company.

But it’s not just about being aesthetically pleasing, do your profiles have all the important information your present and future customers need:

  • Contact Information
  • Company Information ( or an “About” section)
  • Website Link
  • Quick and Responsive online customer service

For example, you can look at following for an example of a great social media profile:

Facebook: Starbucks

Twitter: Converse 

Instagram: Vogue

The Number of Followers

Social Media Strategy Marketing plan

When you take count of the number of followers that you have on social media, you allow yourself to see in the raw form which platform most of your customers are on, if you need to integrate or spread them even on your other platforms and find out which platforms work better with your brand than others.

The website traffic from each platform 

Social Media Strategy Marketing plan

If you have an online store and you want to increase your sales as one of your social media goals then you need to know which social media platform brings the most viewers, conversions, and traffic to your website. Then you can better understand how to use them and when to use them.

The type of content you share 

Social Media Strategy Marketing plan

Some people make the mistake to share the heading or description in a post on all platform ( if the word limit allows it). But you must understand that longer content works best on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram rather than they would work for Pinterest or Twitter. You have to ensure that the content ( including the tone of voice, emoji’s and media used) is tailored to the reader of each platform.

When you share your type of content 

Social Media Strategy Marketing plan

As stated above they type of content varies for each social media platform just as the time of day you choose to share your content with your audience. What may work for one platform may not work for another, you need to keep this in mind when your schedule out what time and how often to post. It can be the big difference between reaching 1000 people on each platform at their own time or reaching 100 to 5 people because you decided you would share on all platforms at the same time.

For more, you can read this article

What 20 Studies Say About The Best Times To Post On Social Media by  

I can’t stress enough….

Though there are researched times that you are advised to post, your audience and brand can still have it’s own preferred time to post on your social media platforms that may be outside of the “standard best time to post”.Why each business and industry is different

If your a company that sells baby clothes you can post in the middle of the day because that’s when moms will be home taking care of babies and looking for products to buy.


If your brand is a nightclub then posting at after work hours is best for you.

Find what works for you in your social media strategy by posting at times you think your audience will be online along with the “best time to post” scheduled.

2. Create Goals

Social Media Strategy Marketing plan

Develop your Brands Message/Content

Vital Vines Social Media Strategy

You can set goals in your social media strategy until the end of time but if they don’t match up with the message you want to bring across to your customers for your services or brand then you’re going to go around in circles.

Spend time developing the message you want people to associate your brand with and receive when they interact with you. It’s much more than posting consistently, and great graphics, it’s building a community and a need for your product and service so it can be a lifestyle.

Understand your Goals

You deceived to set objects and goals, now it’s time to get smart…oh, I meant to get “S.M.A.R.T”.

Social Media Strategy Vital Vines


For example: ” My goal is to gain increase reach on my twitter account to gain 50 followers withing my industry by December 3rd, 2017″ 

KPI and Bench markers 

Social Media Strategy Vital Vines

Once you have your goals in order, you will now have to create KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and Bench markers to ensure that you are getting to your S.M.A.R.T goals on time and ensuring that your social media strategy is working the way it should.

In our Bonus, we give you details on how to set S.M.A.R.T goals, KPI’s and Benchmarkers

Target Audience

Social Media Strategy Vital Vines

Ensure that you understand who your target audience is so that your goals are achievable. This is a backbone to your social media strategy, you need to know who you’re catering to and which platforms work best to achieve your goals.

For example, if your target audience is teenagers then using social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat would be a great way to achieve them since they are mostly on these platforms compared to if your audience is adults or young professionals then twitter and Facebook may be better funneled to get your goals achieved.

Think like your audience. Talk like them. Engage with them. 

This is a Must-Do…


3. Compare the Competition

Social Media Strategy Vital Vines

S.W.O.T Analysis

Take an S.W.O.T Analysis and compare the competition in your industry to see where they are and how you can out-do them in the digital landscape. You can study their ways and see how you can implement them better with your target audience.

To profit by social media, you have to manufacture an unmistakable methodology that considers what you’re attempting to accomplish, who your clients are and what your opposition is doing.

Get Inspired

You can view other social media profiles that are outside your industry for inspiration for campaigns post, engagement activities and how to sell your products effectively.

The 5 Best Social Media Campaigns of 2017 (So Far)

The 15 Best Instagram Marketing Campaigns of 2017

10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook

Remember it doesn’t matter how big or new your business is, a great social media strategy can let you out-do the competition. 

Create a Content Marketing plan

Now that you have your message, your goals and objectives it’s time now to create the content that will fill up and bring in your audience. To do that you will need a content marketing plan and a social media content calendar

Content Marketing Plan 

If you have a marketing team then you would need to ensure that your content coordinates digitally with all their marketing ventures and events. If not then take a look at the type of content that you know your audience would like to:

  • Know about your company
  • Information or facts related to your service or products
  • Engagement activities
  • Type of marketing campaigns or Competition


Get Started: Download your FREE Content Marketing Package Here

Social Media Content Calendar

You can create content but you must also ensure that you make the most of the seasonal content so that your products and services are matched with the times. It shows that you are aware of as a brand and it also helps you to plan ahead to make more time for other things. A content calendar aid with the following:

Time management

Seasonal sales and promotions 

Effective brand awareness management 

Social media is a standout among the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. On the off chance that you utilize it effectively, you can make a solid individual association with your clients.

Scheduling Content

Now that you have your goals, your content and your social media strategy is filling out nicely you should invest in a social media scheduling app to start automating content and making more time to focus on your business. Below I’ve listed the best paid and free social media scheduling accounts out there in the digital marketing world. Based on how big or how many social media profile your social media strategy will need you can select the one that best fits your needs.

Union Metric 

Simply Measured



Crowdfire App



4. Test, Evaluate and Adjust

Social Media Strategy Vital Vines

Once you start implementing your social media strategy ensure that every month, quarterly or bi-annually you take the time to review the results of your social media strategy. Just as social media is ever changing so you have to ensure that your efforts and actions are allowing you to reach your goals.

Be honest with yourself

Vital Vines Social media Quotes (9)

Ensure that when you review the effects of your social media strategy that you be honest with your results so that you can make the changes needed. I know that if your business is close to your heart and you see just half of the results you planned for you may be thinking that no changes need to be made. But this might not be the case. You may need to let go of old habits or ways of thinking to let your brand grow.

Aim for the Stars…

Social Media Strategy Vital Vines

There is a saying that says “Aim for the Stars so you can land on the clouds”. This is to say that if your social media strategy is meeting all it’s marks and bringing great results, don’t be afraid to make further investments more time or money that could continue consistency in growth,  gain more traction, customers and a wider audience than you thought possible.

Social Media strategies aren’t cookie cutters where one size fits all and anyone who tells you that really doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Your social media strategy is created by you, for you. It’s your brand’s own guide in digital marketing to its full potential and success.

You can download this FREE Social Media Strategy Template and apply all that we spoke about today. No Fluff or Fancy words, it’s detailed and not for the faint of heart.

There you have it. If your company is in need of a Social Media Strategy or Someone to execute your social media plan, Contact us. Get a Free consultation for your First Meeting.

Social Media is Vital so let’s make it work for you.

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