Grow your Business Instagram Followers: 20 Best Apps and Tools for 2017

Instagram is the new go-to where most social media marketing ventures begin for a large brand and small business social media marketing. If you’re new to Instagram or deciding that now’s the time to put in some serious effort in boasting your Instagram presence and Instagram Followers that you sir or madam are at the right place.

Grow Business Instagram Followers 20 Best Apps for 2017

To be honest, when I started writing this I wanted to list out the top 50 or 30 Instagram apps that you would need to your Instagram account, but then I decided to just show you the best of the best used for digital marketing trends for 2017 and not waste your time with the fluff.

Please note: Vital Vines is in no way affiliated with any of the programs or app’s suggested in the article. We only listed app and tools that have good reviews and are good for anyone in any industry to have on hand.

I’ll be talking about social media apps and tools that will get you not only likes for Instagram, increase Instagram followers but allow you to bring your message effectively across to your customers. Some of these apps we’ve used for the past year to improve our Instagram presence.

Each is broken down into four categories below.

If you’d like you can select the section you want to know about the most or follow me down the entire path of this Instagram journey.

Instagram Content


Quick enables you to add text to images that are stored on your phone. This Instagram app tool is great if you have any items to sell, motivational quotes or engaging questions you want to use to interact with your audience. It’s great if you’re always on the go and needs something, may I say, “Quick.” The only downside is it’s only Compatible with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Sorry, Android Family.

Quick App Instagram Vital Vines

Quick App enables you to edit and add text to images

Canva is an online graphic design tool that comes with easy navigation and thousands of free graphics templates. is handy if you’re a company on a budget who can’t yet hire a graphic designer or quick creations for last minute events/products or sales. This program makes anyone with little to no graphics experience seem like an expert on their social media platforms.

Canva Graphic Instagram Vital Vines

The downside to this app is that there isn’t a mobile version for it as yet, we noticed a few testing here and there with current desktop users, but only time can tell *Fingers Crossed*

This one is my favorite…

VSCO app is handy and credible photo editing app. It has a broad range of filters at your disposal on your phone when you’re on the go. You can use free filters or purchase filters that would best suit your Instagram aesthetics needs. Don’t be afraid to join the VSCO community that comes with the app, it’s a good way to gain inspiration

Photo Editor by Aviary app is a branch of one of the many Adobe photo editing apps that have been brought up on quite a few social media blogs such as Buffer and Huffington post, which means that it’s found it’s placed in not only social media managers but influencers in the digital marketing arena.

Instagram Layout
This is a popular Instagram integrated app that allows you to layout multiple images in a single post. It’s a great way to display your products from different views or just a mini collage of your adventures.

Instaram Layout VitaL Vines.png

This a video app by Instagram that turns short snips of the every day three-second moments into a fun and engaging content. You can use this to grow and create content for your Instagram Story and profile feed. Here are the following brands that I find so far use this feature at its best are @Converse, @Hersey’s and @Forever21. Check out their profiles.

For more of the utilization of this app, you can look at #Boomerang or  Instagram Blog: Boomerang Features.

Instagram Boomerang App

This app is housed by Instagram officially. It’s made only for iOS at the moment, which is bad news for Instagram android users. With your iPhone, you can make beautiful time-lapse videos not only for your profile but your Instagram story as well. The app has in-house stabilization that ensures that you get the most out of your Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse Instagram app

It’s a new app that we’ve yet to try but have heard some great reviews from people in our community that say it’s worth the cost. Shakr is an online video creation service that’s ideal for small business or personal niches to make an impact with their products or advertisements. You can have access to:
Extensive Library of Templates
Commercially Licensed Music
Reseller Rights
Video Duplication
Dedicated Account Manager
Custom Preview Links

Shakr App Instagram

Instagram Content


This app is a great tool when content curation is something that your business thrives on to bring in viewers, reader or followers. For example, if you’re an online magazine that needs to stay on top of the latest fashion news, shows and influencers. This reposting app helps you to do just so. It’s quick; just copy the URL link and repost how you would like it. It also copies the original caption and hashtags used. It’s not only ideal for images but also for videos on Instagram as well. Out of all the reposting apps out there, the reviews don’t lie. It does what it promises.

This online tool comes in handy if you want to save all your Instagram post and videos in a safe hard drive or somewhere safe you can have put away as a keepsake. Let’s be honest; anything can happen in this day and age, you can never be too safe to back up your images for future needs.

BatchSave for Instagram
This app lives up highly to its reputation for saving multiple Instagram images on your Instagram account. It can also download Instagram videos and repost pictures. It does contain ads (as do most app in this era do) and has a paid version that you can upgrade and downgrade to at any point in time.


Union Metric 
Union metric is an analytics software that shows you detailed information about followers, engagement, and hashtags associated with your social media profiles. They specifically have a free Instagram Account Checkup. This check u is accurate enough for what you’re getting for free. But sufficient to work on and know where you currently stand and where improvements can be made.

Union Metric App Instagram

You get the following details with the free Instagram Account Checkup:

  • Best Times to Post
  • Profile Overview
  • Biggest Fans/Engagers
  • Top Hashtags
  • Top Liked Post

Simply Measured
This is perfect for large firms that need serious social media analytics platform to view activities of its users, whether it be paid, owned, or earned and their marketing efforts in the digital landscape.  Simply Measure is mainly desktop but has useful features including:

  • Listening
  • Social Analytics
  • Content Share Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • And So Much More

Simply Measured Instagram App

All the information is gathered and then sent in specific formats set by its users, whether that’s on the web, in dynamic Excel reports, or in PowerPoint. This starting price range is USD 500

The Icon square primary focus is Instagram analysis and is the sidekick to most social media marketers who have multiple accounts and business owners who a broad audience to cater and monitor.

Iconsquare has various paid platforms for each organization’s needs. It features include but not limited to:

  • Analytics
  • Comment Tracker
  • Media & Scheduler
  • Influence Search
  • A Range of Tools
  • Customer service

I know I know, let’s not start a war on who likes buffer and who likes Hootsuite. I’ve been team Hootsuite from day one. Why I love their interface, it easy to upload and schedule a post in bulk. They have a new Bulk Composer (Beta) that now caters to adding images and connecting with Instagram profiles. Before this Composer would only be useful for sending out multiple tweets but now it’s improved to handle Instagram related images.

Hootsuite Social Media App

Crowdfire App
If you’re busy with day to day activities, increase brand awareness, increase engagement and make your social media platforms look like it’s run by a human and not a robot, then Crowdfire is the App for you. This app is a daily staple when I’m busy handling clients accounts and forget to manage my own social media platforms.

Crowd Fire Social Media App

It will send you reminders like :
“Every day I’ll create these ready-to-share costs to drive more traffic to your posts “

This app is another option when it comes to scheduling out a post for Instagram and more. It can be used on a desktop or a phone (android/IOS).

It has a much similar interface than Buffer and Hootsuite but without the detailed analytics. However, it has the best time scheduling options, interactions, keyword/account options that best optimize your business which in the end wins for you.

Plann is an Instagram planning and scheduling app. In your mind your probably thinking, another scheduling app. Hear me out. They have a light and user-friendly interface that anyone can use and great customer support when you need it, they’re a team that actually cares about your experience with their app. Which can be used on an iPhone or Android.

You do have the option to have a free account but it has limited features, however, Plann prices start as low as $3 US per month and up. Plann app features include the following:

  • DRAG & DROP  option to visually design your feed
  • 60+ Professional Image editing filters and Text Overlay tools
  • Review Instagram Analytics for best performing posts, Instagram likes, follower
  • Growth:  best-performing hashtags, best performing colour swatches.
  • Discover your Best Times To Post Much more…

Later is a scheduling app that is formulated specifically for Instagram posting and analytics. It enables you to manage multiple accounts at once. They offer a free and paid profile platforms each to meet the needs of a variety of businesses: small or large.

Later also added a new feature with Instagram Analytics. You can use this software on your desktop or your phone which means you can schedule your Instagram on the go or at home.

Later Instagram App

Lastly but most important…


This is an Instagram app that allows you to content your website product store connected to your profile. This application is great for conversions for Instagram followers that you want o change into real-life customers. This application supports third-party sites like Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, Woo Commerce and more.

They have three paid packages that you can use; they give you the option to show how many followers you have on your Instagram account and recommendations of which package would be best for you and why. You can get a free 2/day trial with each account and see if it works for you.

FourSixty Instagram App

Foursixty works with both desktop and yet mobile, and their features include:

  • Analytics
  • Content Curation & Scheduling
  • Custimations for your Brand
  • Email Integration
  • Product Page Gallary

The only downside would be that it only works IOS on mobile and not showing signs of being Andriod friendly anytime soon from our spot.

You MUST have this next app…

Link Tree
Linktree is a free tool for making the most of your Instagram bio link and audience traffic.

This tool was recommended by Social Media Examiner the Sensi of all things social media so you know it’s a great tool that anyone should give a try if they want to make the most out of their bio link and customer experience.

For custom features, you do have the option to upgrade to the paid plan of only $6.00US/monthly. With the features included in the paid plan, it’s worth it.

Link Tree Instagram App

It created multiple links within that one tiny bio link in your profile. So when they click on it your viewers see this.

Both Link Tree and the link can be seen and used on your phone or desktop. Check out the desktop version on Vital Vines Link Tree. (I have an unhealthy love for this app).

Link Tree Instagram App Vital Vines

Hootsuite Link Shortener 
We’ve been using Hootsuite for about two years, and this online application is perfect for shortening links that you can add to your Instagram post or bio link. If you have a Hootsuite account, you can add a customized shortened URL that you can track in your Hootsuite account to see how many hits it gets over a period of time.

Hootsuite URL Shortener Links

I can’t stress enough….

The last most important tool you could ever need when marketing Instagram is creativity. Sometimes cookie cutter statements and templates are not sufficient. Each company and brand have its own unique story and way of reaching customers.

You can do it too. Take the tools you think are worth investing or using and utilize them. If you use other tools that weren’t listed here that you think should be here comment below and let me know so that we’ll check them out, add them to this list.

Remember Social Media is Vital, So let’s let it work for you.

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