8 Things Every Instagram Business Profile Should Have

Today’s the day that you decide to create your business Instagram account. Instagram is a great platform for those who want to showcase their brand’s visual identity to their audience. The right profile can increase Instagram followers.

This article will help you create a full-fledged and update Instagram profile that is worthy of your audience and customers. It’s a simple step by step guide on how to make your Instagram profile and ensure that it as everything in order.

You can do your Instagram sign up on your computer or download the Instagram app for android or IOS. Download the a and let’s get to that Instagram sign up page. 

Without further a due, let’s begin…


 Pick Instagram Username

When you sign up with Instagram, you need to create a recognizable username for your profile and use an email that is active so that you can use it to change your password, verify your account, and locate/log-into your in case you forget your username.

Instagram Business profile
Ensure that your username is as closely associated with your business or brand name so that your customers/audience can find you. If you choose a different or difficult name customer will be less likely to find you, most will not make an effort to figure out your Instagram name.

Instagram doesn’t allow certain characters to be used in names like *, !- @, etc
For example :
If your business name is Linda’s Candy Shop which is located in California then a good Instagram name would be:
LindasCandyShopCAInstagram Business profile

Since Instagram has been around, certain usernames may be taken by now but Instagram also provides suggestions, and you can always pick something as a placeholder and come up with a creative name later down the line.

Add profile Image
A great profile picture enables people to find you and easily associate your image with your brand. It should be identifiable and a professional image that you want to be related to your brand. Keep in mind you can always change your profile picture at any point in time.

Instagram Business Vital Vines 4

Switch to Business profile
After signing up with Instagram, you have the choice to have a personal profile or a Business profile.  To do this:

Select the three dots on the right-hand side of your profile. This is also where you can do your Instagram profile edits for your profile.

Instagram Business profile

Scroll down until you see “Switch the Business profile.” If you’re already in business profile it will state the following below:

Instagram profile business switch

That’s it.

With a Business profile, you can gain insight, analytics, and features but you will need to connect your Business Facebook to get access to this feature. If you don’t have a Facebook page, then you can learn what you need to make one here.

Corporate Social Media: Things Every Business Facebook Page Should Have. http://ow.ly/uUfL30dpv4r

Once your Facebook account is connected, you can use it to cross-share from your Instagram to your Facebook (and other profiles) when you share a post on Instagram.

Website Link
Placing a website link to your online store or website so that people can find contact information and any other relevant information about your product or services. To do this go to your profile, select “edit profile” then you have the option to place your website or online store link there.

Instagram add link

For ways on how to optimize your Bio link, you can use Link Tree. It’s a great Instagram bio hacks that allow you make the most out of your bio link like never before. Click here to learn more.

Instagram Bio
Having a bio description for your company is essential when your customers or target audience view your profile. You can use this opportunity to be as detailed as possible or straight to the p. Just ensure that it’s information you know your views need to know. You can also add a Call to Action (CTA). In the image below the call to action is “Click the link below.” You don’t have to, but it does bring the attention to your link, which you

Instagram Business profile



Add your location
If your business is located in a main or central area, then placing your exact location will help them to find you, get directions and visit your store. To add your location, just select “Edit profile,” scroll down and add the location ( Instagram has a built in google maps). Your location will show up under the website link as shown below:

Instagram Location Set up

Vital Vines is a blog, so we don’t have a need for a location if your business is online and has no brick and mortar or meeting place then adding an area is not mandatory.


Extras: Grow Your Business Instagram Followers: 20 Best Apps and Tools for 2017


First Instagram post

Now that you have everything all set up, you can now post your first image on Instagram. Instagram gives you the option to edit pictures and use filters. But keep in mind the visual identity that you want to keep constant, or just go crazy with.


Let your Followers Know
Tell them about your new profile on Instagram.Add it to your social media handles, and get the word out to your customers and fans. Let them know that Instagram is a great new place to connect with you and reach out to you for help.

It’s that simple but still important they make all the difference for your customer to find you and be apart of your audience.

If you’re also wondering how to search on Instagram to search for Instagram users, you can use this icon on your profile and start following people or brands in your industry or that are apart of your niche. 

To do this you click the “magnifying glass,” you can find friends on Instagram, related hashtags or anything you have in mind. 

Instagram Business profile

How to search on Instagram

find friends on instagram

Find friends on Instagram



You can read How to Grow your Business Instagram Followers: 20 Best Apps and Tools for 2017. Here you can find tools and items that make managing your Instagram easy and professional.

You can also view Instagram page Layout: The Ultimate Guide for 2018. This can give you a guideline to how you can go about showcasing customer culture and for ideas on what kind of visual design you would like to incorporate this is your social media strategy.

With the new year coming to our doorstep, Vital vines wants your business to reach as many customers as possible with your Instagram so along with your FREE Social Media Template you can bring app and tools in the mix to have your Instagram at it’s best.

We want you to accomplish as much as you can in the digital marketing. Contact us for a free 15-minute consultation now.

Remember Social media is Vital, so let’s make it work for you.

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