9 Tips on How to Work with a Graphic Designers

At one point or another, you’ll have to speak with a graphic designer. They could be someone you know, a freelancer, or a complete stranger who has a business in the media industry.

The fact that your reading this means that you at a point where you need some expert help with creating graphics for a critical digital marketing trends, business meeting, proposal, brochure or even a social media post/campaign. Or you’re having trouble working with a graphic designer and need some help

Whoever it is that you choose to go with, in this article we’re going to talk about the most important thing that matters when handing, your heart and soul, or your hard cold cash for your business/personal projects, to a graphic designer.

A graphic designer is a creative individual who has acquired the needed skills to illustrate, animate or create visual imagery to capture the subject in mind. If you communicate with each other properly and successfully then you’ll see your vision come to life in living color and font.

Pick a Card

Graphic design ViTAL vINES

Can you image in if you had a clothing store and someone walked in straight to the cashier and stated: ” I want this shirt.”
The Cashier asks “Which one?”
The Customer relies back to you “Anyone, just make sure it’s pretty.”

You hand the customer the shirt, and then they complain that it wasn’t the shirt they wanted.

Sounds silly right, but I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve met who needed graphics for their social media and when it came to what they wanted. They would just that and say “Make it look pretty.”

You have to be specific. Generalizations only lead to mishaps and endless drafts. You have to consider the following:

Graphic Designer How-to

If you have a Company Style/ Standard Guide you can also provide the designer with just that. If you don’t have a style guide you can click here to create one. It comes in handy

You have to sit down and let the designer understand what you may have in mind be specific and detailed if you can. If you don’t know what you want then maybe he may have an idea of what to provide you. Which leads me to my next point.


Provide Examples

How to work with graphic designers Vital Vines

If you know what kind of design, image or wow factor that you’re going for getting a set of examples. It doesn’t matter how many or far-fetched it may seem. Graphis designers work better when they have something laid out before them to follow as a guideline to what you want.

Examples can also help to see if what you provided coordinates with the image of the brand or company that you have.

The First Draft

How to work with graphic designers Vital Vines

Don’t expect perfection on the first draft of your design. It’s the stepping stone to the design that you have in mind. It’s called “draft” for a reason. With this in mind, don’t be high with expectations but rather ready to professionally direct the designer to where you want the final piece to go.


Ask Questions

How to work with graphic designers Vital Vines

Communication is essential at every stage of a successful project. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, or working with a world-renowned expert in graphic design, asking questions helps you get one step closer to manifesting that plan you know your project deserves.

Ask them about past clients that wanted something similar to what you have in mind.
Ask them about what improvements or mocks they may have in mind that are different from what you originally wanted, so you have choices.
No matter the questions, ask so that you; re rest assured that you know everything or most of what you need before moving forward or finishing a project

Don’t be a Control Freak


Nothing stifles creativity than constant control. The designer gradually gets rejected from the designing procedure and sooner or later they may give uu creative input altogether.

This can be problematic for both of you. As often the designer does know what you want, and you can receive this as him/her being a bad designer. Mirco-Managing when working with a seasoned designer never ends well.

Give direction but also form a balance to give the designer the space they need to work at their best.

Create Reasonable Time Frames


Each project is different and requires a substantial amount of time and effort. What you may see as something simple could be the most time-consuming things, visa versa.

Graphic designing is a skill in itself and a craft that requires time to be perfect, so when setting a deadline, you must be considerate of the following:

designer how to (2).png

I stated before in one of my points that you should ask questions because this can enable you to create a deadline that works for both you and the designer.

Know When to Say When…

Graphic design Vital Vines

Not all designs are ever going to be perfect, and sometimes when we have an idea or perspective that’s so close to our heart, we get lost in the fact that we’re also human.

The design is a subjective concept; there is no “right way” to do it, just the way that the message comes across to your audience in a way that reflects your brand.

Draft after draft gets exhausting for both you and the designer. I’m not saying that you should lower your standards in any way but understand that you have to pick a design at some point regardless who or how many times you’ve worked with a designer. Pick an image and move forward with your project.

Move On

Graphic design Vital Vines

If you’ve applied everything listed above and things haven’t experienced any improvements or results, then proceed to a new or the next graphic designer in mind. Sometimes this is an option that we should consider.

Most people forget that a sound relationship with a graphic designer that works for or with your company can go along way for your business.


Those were the top 9 tips when working with a graphic designer. Tell us about your experiences with being or working with a graphic designer and let us know if we missed anything.

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