The Ultimate Guide for Instagram Grid Layout 2018

Someone once said that having an Instagram photo/Instagram account is like having a visual resume/ portfolio of your life’s work. To those in business no matter what size company or brand this much is true. Your Instagram can attract followers, customers, sales and even sponsors, so why wouldn’t you want an Instagram layout that reflects your brand or company culture.

If you’re wondering how to improve social media skills for your Instagram layout, I’ll be showing you how to do just that.

In this article, I’ll be going into details that will help you understand, use and find different Instagram styles, along with examples that fit your brand’s voice for your new Instagram Layout.


Let’s talk about the different types of layouts that can be applied to your brand. A great Instagram layout can  show your audience that you put thought into getting your brand’s image.

Style 1: Checkerboard
Style 2: Color Coordinated
Style 3: Color by Blocks
Style 4: Follow the Line
Style 5: Line by Line
Style 6: Keep it simple

Style 1: Checkerboard
It’s a simple pattern and great for someone that wants to plan ahead without complicating things.
@preview App: (37.7 k followers)

Instagram Grid Theme Vital Vines Blog

Style 2: Color Coordinated
The name speaks for itself. Essential all your post including images, filters or quote all have a certain theme that coordinates with a color or colors. This theme is the most popularly liked on Instagram and can be a challenge to keep up but worth the effort.
@XUZZI (277 K followers)

xuzzi Instagram grid theme vital vines blog

For more inspiration on color-coordinated Instagrams, you can view


Plan That: Instagram feed Themes 

Style 3: Color by Blocks
To do this, all you need to do is use a different filter after every 3, 6 or 9 photo or more. Or use different colors in your photos.
@Unearthcrystals (5,585 followers)

Instagram crystal theme grid vital vines blog

Style 4: Follow the line
This is easy to maintain and is a variation of the Tiles / Checkerboard Theme. It’s also been proven to make viewers more susceptible to continue scrolling.
@mysimplegram ( 9,774 followers )

Mysimplegram Instagram Theme Grid Vital Vines Blog

Style 5: Line by Line
Unlike Follow the Line themed grid, instead of utilizing the middle column, for Line by Line you would use a row instead.

Vital Vines Media Instagram theme grid

Style 6: Keep it simple
This is where you simply post images on Instagram with no theme in mind. It’s real, it’s easy and as long as your content connects with your audience it’s great to use. You don’t have to do much planning.

@Hootsuite (56.3k Followers)

Hootsuite Instagram
Most people think that to have a successful Instagram layout; it should all be color coordinated to the teeth. However based on what industry and your brand culture this may not be so. You can never go wrong with Brand individually, which can do more good than uniformity could ever do.


The Tools to Do It

Now that you’ve got an idea of the layout that you’d like to use, here’s the list of the best Instagram Tools to get your Instagram Aesthetic in gear.  Listing from free Instagram tools to paid accounts.

Best Apps and Tools to Grow Business and Increase Followers on Instagram

Now let’s get serious…

Let’s take a look at the brands that are killing it on Instagram, see what they’re doing right and how we can implement their strategy and practices into our daily workarounds. In doing so, we’re bound to find some success they have as well.

If you’d like you can click on the category you’re interested below, or go all the way through, you know what might jump out at you.

Makeup & Nails
Electronic & Software

With that being said I’ll be showing examples large and small brands with large followings, as these Instagram images perfectly capture their brand culture and successfully portray it to their audience. Let’s dive in;


This category consists of shoes, swimsuit and clothing line that follows through on brand aesthetics and prides itself on bringing across what brand stands for.
@pinkplasticbabez ( Followers: 30.8k followers)

This online store creates bathing suits, and now clothing items within their girly glam niche. If you take a look on their full Instagram, they use color coordination, color themes and they also use 4 to 6 grids to billboard display their images.

@pinkplasticbabez Instagram Feed Vital Vines Blog ( 10.1k followers )

G.C Paris is a luxury clothing brand that mainly focuses on footwear. They are highly coordinated in their posts which are mainly clean and simple aesthetics. They bring across their brand’s message without having a crowded feed of images. Click on their profile to see what I mean.

gc paris.png

@Forever21 (3.8m followers)

Forever 21 tends to gear towards a lifestyle approach when sharing or engaging their audience on their feed. This clothing retail store that uses street images, clothing layouts and funny quotes to fill their feed.

Forever21 Instagram Grid Theme Vital Vines Blog

@Envy Fashion Magazine (1520 Followers)
Jamaican based fashion magazine that uses Style 6: Keep it simple. They also use a mix of color coordination in the mix.

Envy Fashion Magazine Instagram Theme Grid


If you have a business that is corporate or relies on other mediums other than images to drive content to your Instagram then the following can work for you.

@entrepreneur (981k followers)
This Entrepreneur based company provides quotes, video snippets of their youtube videos, advice and interview with other. If your a brand or business that relies heavily on videos as your main content then you can check out their profile and see how they use their videos from their other social media platforms and integrate them on Instagram in an interesting and engaging way.

Entrepreneur Instagram Theme Vital Vines

@buffer (30.2 Followers)
Buffer is a social media scheduling and analytic app that aids you in your day to day activities to make the most out of your social media platforms. They use their Instagram to connect with their wide range of users in various industries. They also show their company culture in the most fun ways.

Buffer Grow Followers Instagram

@themodacollection (5,628 followers)
The Moda Collection is a magazine based in Jamaica that shows high-end clothing lines from the Caribbean and international fashion designers. The images they use aren’t color coordinated which is not required but notice how they use high-quality images.

MoDa Instagram Fashion Vital Vines Blog

Food Instagram

@CHARLOTTELOVELY (82.8 followers)
This artist uses everyday food items and craft to make comical Instagram posts. Charlotte uses a color coordinated theme of pastel colors for her feed. You notice that even though it’s playful, she has created a digital resume or portfolio that allows her talents and various experiences to be showcased properly.

Food Instagram Grow Followers

@mac_lab ( 31.5 k followers)
Mac Lab is a home-based business run by a couple that makes them everything from scratch right out their kitchen. They create tasty layouts that are light and match the theme of the pastries. They use light background and props that bring out the color and visual identity of Mac Lab.

Mac Lab Grow Instagram Layout

@cafeblueja (10.9k followers)
Selling survival juice…I mean coffee is an essential in today’s day to day life. This brand is based in Jamaica and I wanted to use it instead of Starbucks.

Why? looking at their social media they have invested large amounts of money into their advertising to maintain and gain followers: which at times may seem unattainable to other coffee brands starting up or looking to improve their social media.

Well, Blue Cafe is no Starbucks but they understand their customer culture and niche and they portray it in a simple but effective way that any cafe can model after.

Cafe Blue Food Instagram Vital Vines


@HOUSELARSBUILT (53.7 k Followers)

The House that Lars Built is a craft blog that uses Instagram for brand awareness and traffic to the blog. She uses color scheme style in her Instagram, you can view the images that she doesn’t just post images but she adds personality to it.

Instagram Layout Art House that Lars Build

@WithWendy (56.6 K Followers )

If you’re a youtube that does DIY’s then take a look at With Wendy. She does clothing and household DIY’s. Take a look especially how she engages with her audience and that she adds a mix of her personal life to connect with her followers rather than just posting about her videos.

Instagram Layout DIY With Wendy

Makeup & Nails

@fentybeauty (1.4million )

Because here at vital vines, we’re shamelessly low-key Rihanna fans, we decided to take this under the list of accounts that you need to take a look at. But not just because of that but when you view the Instagram account for Fenty Beauty you see that they did something that most beauty lines miss out on when launching a beauty line.

Instagram Layout Make up Fenty Beauty

If you view the first few post of Fenty Beauty, they didn’t post the beauty products first, they posted images of the lifestyle behind the beauty product, the women who use the product and what sets them apart from other beauty products. The conclusion to it all is that you sell the lifestyle first, then the product. You attract your niche target market and set yourself apart from the noise in the industry.

@getnailedja (1169 Followers)

I personally love this page because it reflects the persona of the audience and brand she aims to create. The color scheme is kept consistent and looks effortless. She uses her profile in a way that sets her apart from another nail artist in her industry with something so simple but unique.

Instagram Layout Color Scheme Get Nailed

@klolish (140k followers)

This brand was started by a youtube who actually does makeup. I would say take a look at their Instagram feed but I would implore you to take a look at how creative and diverse their Instagram stories are. This is another brand that focuses on lifestyle in doing so they show their nail polish on different skin tones because they understand that their customers are diverse. They also have creative shoots to showcase the shades of nail polish they offer.

Kpolish Instagram Layout Grow Followers


If you have athletic wear or sportswear brand then the following accounts are handpicked to help you understand how to get your message across and reach your audience in a way that shows how the products incorporate into their lifestyle or even cult following. Let’s get into it:
@Adidas (16.7 million followers)

Adidas Instagram Followers Vital Vines

@columbia1938 ( 195k followers)

Hiking Instagram Vital Vines Blog

@Kicks_usa (81.1k followers)

Instagram Layout Kicks USA

@nikesportswear  (followers)

Instagram Followers Nike Vital Vines

Electronic & Software

In this industry, it’s a known fact that you have to sell the need for the product rather than to selling the product itself. I choose the following brands that do just that, you can also view their Instagram story to see how they utilize it to drive engagement and connect with their audience as users themselves rather than just the sellers themselves.

@skullcandy (258k followers)

Skull Candy doesn’t make the mistake of just posting images of their products but the people who need and use them. They show their various target audience and how the need for the product and how the product can be used regardless of this need is achieved.

Instagram Layout Skull Candy Vital Vines

@samsungusa (381k followers)

Samsung does the same within as Skull candy with their electronics. They sell the idea of having Samsung not just being bought but within their homes, lifestyle, adventures, and mishaps. They sell the need to have their product so that they can focus on whats important; Family, Life, and Food.

Instagram Layout Vital Vines Samsung

@Grammarly (138k followers)

Grammarly is an app a Grammar nazi’s fantasy come true. This app helps to correct your misspelling, incorrect use of words and everything you need to sound and look well spoken online. ( We use this app as well when typing up blogs like this).

Instead of spending time selling the app on Instagram, they sell the need for the app and post images that engage their target audience of mainly working class or students who need this app in such a fast-paced life.

Grammarly Instagram Layout Vital Vines


If you have a bookstore or you’re someone that wants to go into book reviews or you’re simply just a writer then the following example can inspire you on how you can be creative with your Instagram feed.

@beingupile (35.1k followers)

Instagram Layout beingupile Vital Vines

@alex_elle ( 368k followers)

Instagram Layout alex elle Vital Vines

@silkreads (28.1k followers)

Instagram Layout Silkreads Book Reader


In my opinion, the most important aspect you should consider is the voice or lifestyle of your brand you want to portray to your audience. Remember Instagram + your content = online brand portfolio.

Let’s talk, follow Vital Vines on these social media platforms and don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with us if you need help or advice. Remember Social Media is Vital, So let’s let it work for you.

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