Find Your Best Post Timing and Consistency on Social Media.

In today’s world, there’s a high demand to be noticed above the noise. You have to increase followers on Instagram, grow your brand awareness on Twitter or increase engagement on Facebook to keep on top of it all. The social media marketing demand is high.

When it all boils down to it to gaining ( organic ) followers, it requires both quality content, postings consistently and posting at the best times to reach your followers.

How do you do post consistently? When you’re running a business or swamped with projects from side to side, even to get things done to create content your social media, it can be a handful, and then some of us are not as organized than most. If we could pay someone off the bat, we would.

So in this article, I’ll show you the best way to not only to post consistently but find your best timing. In doing this, I’ll also show you how to get more done in a short space of time so you can focus on what you love, growing your brand.

The Best Time to Post
How to Post Consistently
Free Content Marketing package Template

Schedule time to Schedule Time.

You need to pick a day or a week in the month that you’ll dedicate to scheduling and plan your content. What would take you 8-48 hours can save you time that you would take each day to remove your focus from important task to rushing to post something on Twitter.

There’s no shortcut or going around it. Even if you hand off this task to someone, they still need to do it, and that’s that.

Ultimate Guide to Find Your Best post Timing and Consistency on Social Media.

The Best Time to Post

When you’re searching for the best time to post you have all sorts of bloggers and growth hackers telling you to post at 7 pm under the moonlight of the first sun of June.

Not as complex as that but you get the idea, everyone has their own belief on which time is the best time for you to post, some are spot on and others not so much.

Some information has been gathered from data received by may global studies that prove the optimum time to post for each platform.

I can’t stress enough…

No matter what time is suggested as the best time to post on any platform, you should understand that a cookie cutter “best time to post” may work for some, but it doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

Take a look at this diagram below to see what I mean.

Best time to post Instagram Social Media

Now let’s get down to it and find YOUR best time to post with these three simple steps:

1. Go through only top three social media platforms that have the most following or the most engagement. (You can do all of them if you have the time or more than four)

2. Create or use our content audit template that comes inside our FREE Content Marketing Template, to write down the following. Ensure the data date from the present and back to two or three months to get consistent data.

No Shortcuts or you’ll miss out on good data.

3. Organize your content in a table by day of the week only using the best times with the most likes and engagement. It’s also helpful to record the hours that gave the least engagement so that you can avoid posting at that time or understand if you need to share a different content at that time.

That’s it…

Content Marketing Plan Best Time

It’s simple but what I want you to understand is that when you have you these times and days laid out in front of you, you begin to see the hard truth of your social media posting history efforts and the behavior of your audience.

Instagram Content Social Media Strategy Marketing Plan

How to Post Consistently

Now that you understand how to find your best time to post it’s time to schedule your content on those hours and grow some engagement.

If you’re too busy to be posting or you just flat out forget to post or both. Whatever your case or excuses are I have one word for you:

Social Media Managment Tools.

Well, that was four words, but you get the case. This can ensure that you’re on the ball even if it’s automated. You can make sure your content fills your pages for your views while you go ahead and do the next five important things on your list to grow your brand.

Social Media Strategy Marketing Plan

Below I’ve listed free and paid social media management tools that will help you schedule your content for the next week, month or even year.



Union Metric 

Simply Measured


Crowdfire App 


Content Marketing Package

Start setting things in motions, today download your FREE Content Marketing package to help you audit and plan your content.

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Here are also some extra’s that you can use when you’re posting your content:

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  • How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram: 10 Proven Tactics To Grow Followers and Engagement by Buffer

If you need any help or advice on everything I’ve written or just some additional know how to reach out to me and schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation.

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