Business Cocktail: 6 Ways to Grow Your Social Media with Employees

It is no secret that social media is no longer a choice for successful business to reach its full market potential. What if I told your employees engaged in social media can work for your brand in ways that paid marketing resources can hardly do. 

I’m going to show you how to incorporate your employees into your business social media to boost your brand, and free of cost.

All it takes are these 6 simple steps which are sure to not only increase employee engagement but grow your audience engagement and followers : 

Let’s get right into it…


Vital Vines Employee Representation

First things first. Before you encourage your employees to interact with the brand’s social media, you need to let them know that they represent you at all time whether in the office or online. Their conduct on social media (even on their personal profile) is a direct reflection of your brand be it in a positive or negative.

This being said, even if you have a team as little as three, it’s always best to ensure that your company has a basic guideline on how to representation of themselves online when associated with your business. How, by creating a social media policy for your company.

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Grow SOcial media & branding Vital Vines

Since your business has multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Let your employees know that they represent themselves on it by adding where they work or The companies name in their bio link. Here an example of my own profiles: 

Facebook: You can insert your place of work as well as any Facebook pages that you manage.

Victoria Taylor Facebook Social Media policy employee

Twitter: You can place your business twitter in your bio along with the option to place website link.

Twitter Social Media Victoria Taylor


This way you have all your employee experts displayed proudly and available to represent the company at any time. It acts as a slow form of SEO, but SEO nonetheless. Which means it can drive traffic and brand awareness back to your companies other social media platforms.

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Increase Likes and SHares social media Vital Vines

In the grand scheme of things getting your employees involved doesn’t have to be a full-time job. For this step create a culture that encourages your team to comment or share the company’s post, something they would normally do while on their social media. Invite them to like and follow the brand’s pages and profiles,

These simple things allow your post to get more circulation, engagement, and eyes from your teams own social circle of a larger audience which could include new followers, plus those of your employees.

But it doesn’t stop there, you also want to encourage your co-worker, employee, teams, the squad, whoever, encourage community amongst each other. It helps both internally and externally.

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Social Media When to post Vital Vines

Now that you have your team on board, they may need to know when and where to post content related to your company. For example, their Facebook audience may not care about your company’s sale projections since last quarter, but, their LinkedIn connections might.

It may also be appropriate to send multiple messages about a brand competition on twitter whereas only once is needed via Instagram. 

You want to provide some basic social media training for your staff in cases like these. For Staff Social Media Training you can contact us for more information. 

Side Note: When incorporating your staff into your social media you must be mindful of how you go about this. Having them share your updates is fine, but avoid bombarding their followers with constant company sales and updates can be a hassle. People know when someone is being disingenuous and instead of gaining followers and clients you may end up losing them.


Social media celebrate grow increase followers


Always be sure to let the world know about the good that’s happening around your brand. If you won an award, or simply just gained 1000 followers for the first time, no matter how small or big, sharing these moments not only showcases your gains to your audience but it also makes them feel apart of it as well.

Social media is a two-way connection when you can share moments with your audience it helps them to connect better with your brand and leads to strong brand loyalty.

We all know that strong brand loyalty leads to brand community, which leads to growth in revenues. A full blown win, win.

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Shine the Light 

When your employee does something great or has an idea or project in mind to grow your company, shine some light on them. (You don’t always have to say what the idea or project is) but you can let others know how wonderful and hardworking the team of people behind.

This brings two great results:

  • Your employees will feel appreciated and this brings positive results into the workplace.
  • Your audience will see the human side.
  • You get to show prospective customers the type of people within your business and what they can do for them.


Social Media Emloyee and Increase Social Media

Keep in mind that your employees are volunteering their time and their followers to you. Try to be considerate when asking them to share your content. Make the steps to share content as simple as possible as you do not want to risk your staff becoming discouraged or viewing the process an extra task. In total, be considerate. 

Your most valuable resources are your employees and this proves how true of a statement this is. If you create a favorable environment for your employees, they will be more than willing to help you grow your brand both inside and outside the workplace. Over time this attributes to your company’s growth and global presence.

I hope it was insightful for you as it was fun for me to write. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions let us know hereUntil next time, Social media is vital; so let’s make it work for you.

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