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My name is Victoria, I’m the writer for Vital Vines and I’m in love with all things artistic and social media. I started freelancing on Upwork as a social media freelancer and fell in love at first Hashtag.

I realized that most of my friends and even strangers I met in cafes and business meetings.  who were stating business didn’t know what to do with their business when they used on social media.

I had my “Ah-Ha” moment and that when I started this blog. I’m sure there are other people who have the same questions and would like real answers. Thus Vital Vines was born. I just wanted to help people any way I could.

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Vital Vines Media is a Social Media & Brand Management Blog  that has quality service at its core. For us, it’s not just social media, it’s building your brand, building your community, building your company on a global scale.

To use social media positively to educate and inform our Caribbean and International business community and assist our clients to achieve their goals.

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Excellence for us are the little things are done well, the big things done great. We strive for consistent results at every turn to serve our clients. For us, this vision is a daily practice within our Vital Vines Media Company.

Our mission is to create a caliber of excellence in social media and digital marketing within the Caribbean regardless of the industry. We wish to use social media as well to connect and develop our growing nation and neighbors.

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If you would like to collaborate or contribute or request digital marketing or social media articles contact us and we’ll be sure to get back to you in 24 hours.