6 Best Websites for Digital Marketing | Vital Picks

Today I'm going to show you the six best blogs every digital marketer needs to read, as well how effective and helpful joining their email subscription can be to your day to day. 

A Designer’s Marketing Guide: Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018.

This guide is not for the creatives who are faint of heart. It's for the designers who want to get an edge on the competition and bring their brands to the next level it deserves for the new chapter of 2018.

Business Cocktail: 6 Ways to Grow Your Social Media with Employees

I'm going to show you how to incorporate your employees into your business social media to boost your brand, and free of cost. All it takes are these 6 simple steps which are sure to not only increase employee engagement but grow your audience engagement and followers

Find Your Best Post Timing and Consistency on Social Media.

In today's world, there's a high demand to be noticed above the noise. You have to increase followers on Instagram, grow your brand awareness on Twitter or increase engagement on Facebook to keep on top of it all. The social media marketing demand is high. When it all boils down to it to gaining ( … Continue reading Find Your Best Post Timing and Consistency on Social Media.

The Ultimate Guide for Instagram page Layout 2018

In this article, I'll be going into details that will help you understand, use and find different Instagram styles, along with examples that fit your brand's voice for your new Instagram Layout. Someone once said that having an Instagram photo/Instagram account is like having a visual resume/ portfolio of your life's work. To those in business no matter what size company or brand this much is true.

Grow your Business Instagram Followers: 20 Best Apps and Tools

I'll be talking about apps and tools that will get you not only likes for Instagram, increase Instagram followers but allow you to bring your message effectively across to your customers. Some of these apps we've used for the past year to improve our Instagram presence.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 4 Steps

Whether it's keeping up with digital marketing trends, starting new in the digital marketing or growing your social media followers; you're going to need a social media strategy. Some call it a Social Media Marketing plan while others call it a Social Media Strategy. Whatever you would like to call it's an essential part of your brand or … Continue reading How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 4 Steps

3 Reasons Why Followers Don’t Always Equal Customers

What if I told you that followers don’t necessarily equal customers. When you think about it those two should be the same thing. But in truth, they aren’t. Customers are a sub-group to your followers. They can overlap but they are still two different teams that play on the same field.

Instagram New Algorithm for 2018

On March 22nd Instagram rumors and articles have stated that Instagram will change it's  Algorithms yet again for the next upcoming week's. According to the announcement, the new Instagram algorithm will post in chronological order but this time with a “New Posts” button to give users more control of when they want to refresh their feeds. Not sure how helpful this will be but it looks like everyone is taking it with open arms. 

How To Be A Spy, Basics of Google Analytics: Ways Google Analytics Works For Your Business

Google Analytics is like the 007 agents of website tracking as it sees everything and knows everything when it comes to online traffic. You cannot go wrong with knowing and Google Analytics allows you to know.

Benefits of a Social Media Policy & Why You Need One

First, I'll show you the benefits of having a social media policy for your business or brand in this infographic with information that you should add to your social media strategy for 2018. After I'll be showing you the top five social media policies you can learn from to create your own.

9 Tips on How to Work with a Graphic Designers

The fact that your reading this means that you at a point where you need some expert help with creating graphics for a critical business meeting, proposal, brochure or even a social media post/campaign. Or you're having trouble working with a graphic designer and need some help.

8 Things Every Instagram Business Profile Should Have

Today's the day that you decide to create your business Instagram account. Instagram is a great platform for those who want to showcase their brand's visual identity to their audience. The right profile can increase Instagram followers.